Knowsley Safari Park!

We have had a fantastic day today at Knowsley Safari Park! We all enjoyed the Guided Tour exploring and learning about the different animals. Then we watched a sea lion show and were really impressed with Arthur and Louis, check out the pictures below showing them perform their impressive tricks. After that, we had a lesson about different animals and the children got to touch a hissing cockroach and a giant snail called Big Gary. Our day finished with a lovely opportunity to get close to the giraffes Orbit & Alexander. The children really impressed the Safari Leaders with their knowledge of ossicones.IMG_6858 IMG_6855 IMG_6850 IMG_6848 IMG_6839 IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6359 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6350 IMG_6349 IMG_6348 IMG_6343 IMG_6341 IMG_6340 IMG_6339 IMG_6338 IMG_6337 IMG_6336 IMG_6335 IMG_6327 IMG_6318 IMG_6319 IMG_6328 IMG_6329 IMG_6321 IMG_6330 IMG_6322 IMG_6331 IMG_6323 IMG_6332 IMG_6325 IMG_6333 IMG_6326 IMG_6310 IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6314

Autumn 1

I can’t believe half term has come round so quickly but we have been having lots of fun in Year 2 so perhaps that’s why. I am very proud of all of you and how hard you have worked. You have all made an excellent start to Year 2!

We have all developed our sketching skills in Art through studying the work and techniques of the artist Henri Rousseau. In Science, we have explored why animals are suited to their habitats and we now know that habitats need to provide food, shelter and a safe space for animals to raise their young.

When we come back we are going to be developing our multiplication and division skills in Maths so if you want to get a head start you could practise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

I hope you all have a lovely half term and I will see all your smiling faces ready to start again in a weeks time. I am really looking forward to our new context – Giraffes can’t Dance & our school trip! :)

Week 5 update…

Wow what a fantastic week we have had with lots of hard work & fantastic effort from the children. In Maths we have been developing our addition and subtraction skills. In English we have been playing detectives to look for clues about how Wild feels about her new life. I have given out more gold stars than ever this week & have even sent some children to show their work to Mrs Gough for a sticker!

Well done to HL who won Star of the week & JP who won the handwriting award :)

See you on Monday,

Miss C



Week 4

Another fantastic week in Year 2 which has seen the children earning lots of Dojo points! In Maths, we have been learning how to compare and order lengths using the greater than, less than and equals sign and we have had lots of fun using metre sticks to measure the equipment in the Y2 area. In English, the children wrote fantastic character descriptions of the character Wild. I would like to say a very special well done to HS for earning Star of the week for her beautiful description. We are now working towards writing our own story about the girl.

We are working hard to develop our presentation skills so I am looking forward to giving out lots of gold stars next week!

The excellent news is that we won class points for the second time this term. ???? Well done to the whole class for working so hard!

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss C.

Week 3 update

This week we have had fun sketching rabbits and foxes in preparation for creating a woodland collage! We are all now much more confident with reading and writing the numbers from 1 – 100 (even the tricky spellings!) We keep reminding ourselves that four and fourteen have a U in them but forty doesn’t!

Our star of the week this week was AL – I am very proud of you!! We didn’t win attendance this week so let’s hope we can get closer to 100% next week. We did well with class points though – 64.

Have a lovely weekend & I will see all your smiling faces on Monday morning,

Miss C

Week 2

Year 2 have been working really hard this week to deepen their understanding of the story ‘Wild’ and have begun to think about how the girl might have come to live in the forest – we had some very imaginative ideas!

In Maths we have been developing our counting skills to count in sequences – I have been very impressed with how hard the children have worked to count in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10.

We won attendance again this week WITH 100% - fantastic news!! Let’s keep this up and see how many weeks we get consistently get 100%.

Well done to our fantastic Star of the week FH for his excellent effort in Maths and super behaviour. :)

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss C

What a fantastic first week we have had in Year 2!

We began the week by reading the story ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes. Then, we created our own pictures of Wild. We used a range of different materials to recreate her Wild hair! Your pictures are amazing Year 2 and look great on the display.

We have also been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau. We created a mind map with facts about his life. We learnt that he was famous for creating jungle paintings. What do you like most about his art work?

This week we earned a fantastic 60 class points and were the winners of KS1!!! Well done :) We also won attendance so we have made a fantastic start to the year!

Well done to our fantastic star of the week CC for her excellent contributions to our lessons!

I hope you are all looking forward to next week.

Have a lovely weekend Year 2,

Miss Cartwright

Friday News

What another incredible week in year 1!

This week we have been sequencing the story ‘Naughty Bus’ and adding time adverbials to our story maps!

In Maths we have been solving some extremely tricky problems with addition and subtraction – we have all been amazing!!

Next week we move to our new classes for 3 days to get to know our new teacher – we are all so excited to see Miss Cartwright!

This week we won attendance with a fantastic 99.7% AMAZING – can we get too 100%?

Our certificate winner this week was JJ who always has his hand up and is not afraid to give an answer – well done!

Our handwriter of the week was NE for consistently producing beautiful pieces of work!

Well done!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I shall see you on Monday!

Miss Wallace x


First of all, I just want to say a massive well done and thank you to all of the children for working extremely hard this week even though it has been incredibly hot!

The children drew some excellent self portraits and focussed on the detail of their eyes.

We have continued to look at the Naughty Bus and has discussed why the bus is naughty and what he is doing wrong! We thought of some excellent vocabulary!

This week our certificate winner was AL for working so hard and trying his very best!

Our handwriting certificate went to MC for improving her handwriting and accurately forming her letter.

I would like to say a very well done to our rugby team who came 2nd in their tournament against other schools on Monday!


This week our attendance was 95.9%, this is not our greatest attendance and I hope it can be much better next week!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Miss Wallace x

Superb Sports Day

What an amazing week we have had this week.

Sports day on Thursday was fantastic, everyone tried their very best and were so very well behaved!

Lots of medals were given out, you should all be exceptionally proud of yourselves.

Our handwriting certificate this week went to GH.. well done!!

We had 2 certificate winners this week BL and FH for writing amazing descriptive sentences about the Naughty Bus.. everyone did so well with this piece of writing and I loved reading every single one of them.

Our attendance last week was 98.9% wow – can we get it to 100% this week?

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for another fantastic week.

Miss Wallace x